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Should You See a Neurologist or Orthopedic Doctors After a Crash?

Should You See a Neurologist or Orthopedic Doctors After a Crash

Even with the influx of innovative car technology, drivers continue to make mistakes on the roads that cause accidents. In 2019, New Jersey played host to 276,861 crashes. New York roads across the state saw 447,021 accidents. After a collision, you may have injuries that require you to seek treatment. Orthopedic doctors may provide initial […]

How Long After Head Injury Can Symptoms Occur?


After a motor vehicle accident in New York or New Jersey, you could suffer injuries without realizing it. Depending on the force of the collision and if you hit your head on something, you could suffer a head injury. No-Fault Doctors specializes in the treatment of head injury, but first, we want to help our […]

What is a No-Fault Doctor and Why Do I Need To See One After an Accident?

No-Fault Doctors in New York and New Jersey for Auto Accident Injuries

In New York and New Jersey, you are required to seek treatment from a no-fault medical provider if you are seeking services classified as a no-fault car accident. Both New Jersey and New York are no-fault states, meaning drivers must carry personal injury protection insurance. This type of coverage pays for all medical costs after […]