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Understanding the Long-Term Effects of a Fractured Sacrum

Fractured Sacrum - Pain Management Doctor

Don’t wait to connect with an experienced medical provider who accepts no-fault and PIP insurance. Contact No-Fault Doctors at (888) 970-5065. A car accident can cause painful injuries that reduce your mobility and overall health. Unfortunately, some medical professionals often overlook certain conditions, like sacral fractures, leading to further complications.  So, what are the long-term […]

6 Reasons to Visit a Pain Management Doctor After a Car Accident

Car Accident Pain Management Doctor in New York

There’s nothing quite as scary as being in a car accident. Whether you were at fault or the other driver was, serious accidents often cause serious injuries. Even fender benders can cause neck pain or back pain. Knee pain or joint pain resulting from an accident can prevent you from walking – and working. If […]