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6 Reasons to Visit a Pain Management Doctor After a Car Accident

Car Accident Pain Management Doctor in New York

There’s nothing quite as scary as being in a car accident. Whether you were at fault or the other driver was, serious accidents often cause serious injuries. Even fender benders can cause neck pain or back pain. Knee pain or joint pain resulting from an accident can prevent you from walking – and working. If you are in a car accident of any type, it is essential to be checked out by a doctor right away. Adrenaline sometimes prevents you from feeling pain, but that doesn’t mean you weren’t injured. To be on the safe side, it’s also essential to visit a pain management doctor at least once. There are many reasons to do so.

1. You Want To Be on the Safe Side

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Even if you don’t feel any pain, it’s still a good idea to have at least one appointment with a pain management specialist. Sometimes, you won’t notice pain right away because of the other stressors that come with the aftermath of a car accident. Other times, you assume the pain you feel is minor, but it could become worse over time. Seeing a pain specialist within the first 72 hours after your accident can mean the difference between quickly fixing minor pain issues and ending up with an ongoing, more debilitating problem.

2. You Need To Get to the Root of the Pain

Finding the root of your pain-related issues after a car accident can be difficult. Maybe you’re experiencing chronic headaches, but traditional pain relief methods aren’t working. Perhaps one day your back hurts but doesn’t the next. Ongoing, intermittent, or chronic pain that doesn’t respond to your usual treatment methods may benefit from the help of a pain management doctor. Pain doctors can ask questions and perform exams that could help get to the root of your pain problem and treat it effectively.

3. You Want To Regain Your Quality of Life

car accident pain management in new york

When left untreated, pain from a car accident can turn into a chronic condition that could impact you for the rest of your life. You may have difficulty returning to work, experience pain while being active, hurt more when you try to perform household chores, or even be unable to walk, sit, or stand properly. Over time, this loss of quality of life could lead to anxiety, depression, and other ongoing health issues. Seeing a pain management specialist can help you treat pain and regain as much of your life as possible, whether that means being able to play with your kids or lifting heavy boxes for work.

4. Specialists Have Special Training and Certifications

Pain Management specialists in New York and New Jersey

Pain management specialists are deemed such because they receive specialized training and certifications for their work. They often receive recognition from a board specific to their areas of expertise, like the American Board of Pain Medicine or the American Board of Anesthesiology.

Specialists also receive education focusing on pain and the human body and take on a residency job as part of their training. Finally, a good pain management doctor receives ongoing training to keep up with new treatment methods or other breakthroughs in the field.

5. Specialists Use Different Treatment Methods

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If you see your general practitioner about your pain, they may not have the means necessary to treat it effectively. Many times, pain related to car accidents requires more than simple prescription medication. Most pain management doctors can provide a remedy as needed and use a range of other treatment methods, including giving neck or back braces until your soft tissue heals or giving you spinal injections for severe back pain. Pain management specialists can refer you for physical therapy or chiropractic care, which helps to improve strength and flexibility as you heal, and massage therapy to ease the pain. Finally, your pain management doctor can help you develop a lifestyle plan that helps you manage your pain at home as you heal.

6. Specialists Can Help With Delayed Injuries

Sometimes, you won’t feel pain right after an accident. That doesn’t mean you weren’t injured, though. This is especially true if you have a neck or back injury. An adrenaline surge right after an accident can put your body into mild shock and leave you pain-free for hours or even days. Even if your accident was several days in the past, it’s essential to visit car accident doctors as soon as you feel pain. This way, you have as much documentation as possible should you need it.

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