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Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Injuries

Chiropractic Care for Car Accident Injuries

Have you been searching for a “chiropractor near me” with the skill, knowledge, and experience to treat your car accident injury? Even low-impact auto accidents can result in serious physical trauma. However, undergoing chiropractic care may be the right path for you and your road to recovery. At No-Fault Doctors, we have an extensive list of chiropractors in our free directory that specialize in treating patients with car accident-related injuries. You can browse our directory to find the best chiropractor in NYC to suit your needs and offer compassionate and effective treatment.

How Soon Should You See a Chiropractor After a Car Accident?

According to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, in 2020, there were 5.2 million non-fatal crashes in the U.S. Furthermore, about 2.2 million people suffered injuries on U.S. roads in that same year. However, fewer people than usual were out and about on the roads in 2020 due to the pandemic, so those numbers may be lower than average. If you suffered an injury after a car crash, how soon should you make an appointment with a chiropractor?

Of course, after being in a car crash, one of the first things you should do is seek medical attention. After you’ve had the first physical examination and initial diagnosis, the next step is to start on your path to recovery and healing. Many people who suffer from chronic pain after a car crash injury seek help from an auto accident chiropractor. Receiving chiropractor treatment as quickly as possible after your injury may help encourage healing or symptom relief.  

Can a Chiropractor Heal Car Crash Injuries?

Every patient is different, and the success of their chiropractic treatment plan depends on many factors. However, many people have enjoyed natural healing and recovery from their chiropractors after suffering an injury in a motor vehicle accident. For example, whiplash is one of the most common car accident injuries. One study assessed the effectiveness of chiropractic care for patients with chronic whiplash syndrome. After receiving chiropractic treatment for their whiplash, 93% of those patients showed improvement and symptom relief.  

The Benefits of Seeing a Car Accident Chiropractor to Heal and Recover

Maybe you have neck pain from severe whiplash, or you have a herniated disc from a car accident that’s making it hard to work. If so, working with a skilled chiropractor could help you on your path to recovery. In addition, if you plan to file a claim after your accident, receiving continued medical treatment from a licensed professional demonstrates evidence of your injuries and how they’ve impacted your life, which may help your case. Consider the potential benefits of receiving treatment from a car accident chiropractor:

Enjoy Medication-Free Treatment

Individuals and families all over the U.S. have first-hand experience with the pain and suffering of addiction. For many people, their struggle with substance abuse disorder began with an injury and a prescription for painkillers. That’s one of the best benefits of chiropractic care – it doesn’t require taking any harsh, dangerous, or addictive medications. Instead, you may experience pain relief naturally instead of just masking the pain temporarily. A chiropractor heals injuries by addressing the source of the problem for long-term relief and provides non-invasive care, unlike surgical treatments.

Treat Hidden Injuries or Delayed Symptoms

After a car accident, most people go directly to the hospital for evaluation and treatment. However, many types of injuries that can result from a car crash have delayed symptoms, which may not show for hours or even days after the initial trauma. For example, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) or concussions may not present immediate symptoms or signs. However, chiropractors perform full-body evaluations that may help identify hidden or delayed injuries, such as torn ligaments or muscles.  

Improve Mobility and Range of Motion

Chiropractic treatments may help you improve your mobility and range of motion after a car accident injury. One review of scientific literature found that spinal manipulative therapy treatments did affect the range of motion in the cervical spine. Another study determined that chiropractic spinal adjustment therapy improved the movement time of patients by 9.2%.

Common Chiropractic Treatments

Many people experience musculoskeletal damage or soft tissue injuries from car accidents. Instead of opting for painkillers or invasive surgery, a chiropractor offers a natural alternative that may help you heal faster and find relief from your chronic pain. Here are the most common ways that a car accident chiropractor may treat your injuries:

  • Adjustments: Gently adjust and realign joints for pain relief and increased mobility
  • Stretches and Exercises: Improve muscle strength and joint mobility
  • Soft Tissue Therapy: Massage muscles to relieve tension, tightness, and spasms in soft tissues

Car Accident Chiropractor Near Me: No-Fault Doctors

When you need to find a skilled chiropractor near me in New York City, just head to the No-Fault Doctors website. You can start browsing our free directory right now, which lists all the top-rated car accident chiropractors in New York City and the surrounding cities. The doctors in our directory accept most insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection), and same-day appointments may be available. Reach out now toll-free at 888-970-5065 to learn more about our services or find a car accident chiropractor near you.

The Ways an Accident Chiropractor Helps You

Accident Chiropractor in New York who accept No-Fault Insurance

A car accident can create long-term effects on your health and well-being. If you experience a severe motor vehicle collision or a minor fender bender, you may experience disruptive and painful injuries.

No-Fault Chiropractor

At No-Fault Doctors, we specialize in the treatment of automobile accident injuries. Our doctors understand the unique challenges you face following a mishap on the road. When you choose our car accident chiropractor, you receive top-quality care that is specific to your needs.

Auto Accident Chiropractor in New York and New Jersey

Vehicle crashes often cause back and neck issues, resulting in significant pain and immobility issues. At No-Fault Doctors, we provide you with excellent, comprehensive health care to alleviate your suffering. Our experienced chiropractor has the knowledge and expertise to help you get back to doing the things you enjoy.

Possible Injury Symptoms

You may not know you have an injury immediately after a car accident. It is essential to seek medical care as soon as possible following the crash. Prompt treatment prevents your injuries from getting worse, helps with any insurance claims, and provides the necessary evidence to file a legal claim. Watch for the following indications that you may have an injury:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Pain in your arms or legs
  • Tingling or numbness in your limbs
  • Loss of or limited range of motion
  • Difficulty walking

Benefits of a Car Accident Chiropractor

When another vehicle strikes your car, your body suffers in many ways. The sudden movement and potential impact can cause many different injuries, even during a low-speed encounter. A chiropractor assists by reducing your pain and helping your body heal.

Some of the concerns we can help you with include the following accident damages.

Spinal, Neck, and Back Injuries

Depending on the severity of your crash, you may suffer from bulging discs, herniated discs, or misalignment of your vertebrae. We thoroughly examine your back, neck, and spine to identify the issues and rule out fractures. A No-Fault chiropractor has the knowledge to treat your wounds, minimize your discomfort and restore full functioning as soon as possible.

Whiplash Pain

In a car crash, the impact almost always causes your head to move forward, backward, or sideways suddenly. This jolting movement can result in damage to your spine and create immense pain. Sometimes, there may be a delay before you feel the symptoms of a whiplash injury. Seeing our professional auto accident chiropractor in New York and New Jersey immediately following your mishap helps ensure proper care to avoid long-term damage.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue damages are shared in an accident and include problems like strains, sprains, and contusions. You may not think these injuries need medical care, but it is essential to seek treatment to prevent worsening consequences.

Dizziness, Numbness, or Weakness

When a collision exerts a force on your spine or neck, it can affect your nerves. Our chiropractic treatments include methods that realign your spine. This process improves blood flow to the injured areas, helping to heal your nerves. If you experience weakness and numbness in your hands, arms, feet, or legs following an accident, visit one of our locations today for comprehensive care.

Best Chiropractic Care in New Jersey and New York

The specialty physicians at No-Fault Doctors offer extensive experience, education, and insight to treat auto accident injuries effectively. Our focus on accident treatment makes us the best choice for your chiropractic care following an unexpected disaster.

Call us 24 hours a day at (888) 970-5065. We answer all your calls to ensure you get the care you need when you need it. If you have questions regarding our team of specialists, contact us today! We are ready to help you begin the path to recovery.

FAQs About a Car Accident Chiropractor Near Me

1. How Soon After a Car Accident Injury Should You Go to a Chiropractor?

You can see a chiropractor as quickly as the next day after your car accident injury, depending on the severity of your accident and injuries. Ideally, you should make an appointment within two weeks of your accident.

2. Should You Go to a Chiropractor for Whiplash From a Car Accident?

Yes, you can go to a chiropractor to treat whiplash from a car accident. Studies have shown that chiropractic treatments are an effective way to treat whiplash symptoms, such as neck pain and stiffness.

3. How Long Does It Take a Chiropractor to Fix Whiplash?

A car accident chiropractor may be able to heal whiplash anywhere from six weeks to six months after the initial injury, depending on the severity of symptoms and how often you receive treatment.