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Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in New York

Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain in Queens, NY

If your shoulder feels stiff or painful to move, why not see a chiropractor for shoulder pain?

As a trusted chiropractor in NY, No-Fault Doctors holds a solid reputation for treating a wide range of musculoskeletal issues with success. Do you want to decrease your shoulder pain and improve your overall quality of life? Give our team a call to learn more!

The Most Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

If you’re experiencing prolonged shoulder pain, you already understand the inconvenience and frustration of limited mobility. Typically, chiropractic patients have one of the following conditions or injuries causing shoulder issues:

Repetitive Movement Injury

Frequent, repetitive motions can strain your shoulder joint and subject its components to wear and tear. Common shoulder health issues include the following:

  • Playing sports like baseball or tennis
  • Manual labor, such as lifting or scrubbing
  • Prolonged desk work

Rotator Cuff Injuries

According to the UT Southwestern Medical Center, less than half of patients with a torn rotator cuff experience pain. Some people go 20 years before experiencing any detrimental effects from a torn rotator cuff, but when pain occurs, it’s often severe. 

The most common rotator cuff injuries include the following:

  • A tear or muscle rip
  • Tendonitis, caused by swollen tendons
  • Subluxation (a partial dislocation)

A rotator cuff injury needs immediate medical treatment to avoid more severe and possibly irreversible damage.

Other Damage

Several other conditions or injuries can also incite pain in the shoulder joint, such as:

  • Arthritis that inflames and degenerates the tissues
  • Cartilage tears or degradation
  • Pinched nerves
  • Full shoulder dislocations
  • Muscle tension

Other medical conditions with your spine, liver, heart, and even gallbladder can also cause shoulder pain, so don’t wait to schedule an appointment.

Signs You Shouldn’t Delay Chiropractic For Shoulder Pain

Is chiropractic for shoulder pain an option for you? According to a University Medical Centre Rotterdam study, up to 66% of people will experience shoulder pain at some point. 

Does your particular condition warrant medical attention? The following signs indicate that it does:

  • If your pain lasts more than a week, it indicates a chronic condition. Without medical attention, your problem could worsen.
  • If you have shoulder pain that comes and goes or returns after healing, you may have a chronic issue.
  • If you have difficulty raising your arm above your head, treatment can improve your mobility.
  • If carrying objects under 10 pounds still causes you pain, you may have a serious shoulder issue.
  • If your pain worsens in the evenings, your shoulder might have extensive wear and tear that needs attention.
  • If you’re having trouble sleeping, consider whether it’s a shoulder pain issue.
  • If you notice other signs of injury, such as snapping or clicking when you move your shoulder or arm, you should seek medical attention.

What to Expect With Our Chiropractic Adjustment for Shoulder Pain in New York

What treatments will a chiropractor for shoulder pain provide to help you manage the discomfort?

Chiropractic Adjustments

Scheduling a chiropractic adjustment for shoulder pain represents your first line of treatment. Professional chiropractors receive most of their training in safely adjusting the musculoskeletal system via the following methods:

  • Spinal adjustments: The shoulder’s nerves originate in the spine. If your shoulder pain comes from referred pain or a pinched nerve, readjusting things can relieve the pressure and alleviate your pain.
  • Electrical stimulation: Our chiropractor may suggest placing electrodes on your shoulder to stimulate the muscle’s relaxation. It’s only 5 to 15 minutes of a light tingling sensation.
  • Soft-tissue massage: If there’s considerable inflammation, massage could make your condition worse. However, it can vastly improve the pain caused by straightforward muscle tension or stiffness.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Appointment

Why is physical therapy one of the most popular treatment options? Primarily, it uses purposeful movements and exercise routines to treat the pain and simultaneously strengthen your shoulder. 

The treatment usually includes stretches and minor strength-building exercises, which increase the rate at which your muscles can heal themselves. While more severe injuries may require surgery, many people address moderate to minor shoulder injuries through physical therapy.

Pain Management

Understandably, one of the biggest reasons anyone seeks treatment for a shoulder injury involves pain relief. Chronic pain reduces your overall quality of life. It can also affect everything from your quality of sleep to your ability to enjoy and excel at work.

Depending on the type of injury or condition, your chiropractor will also advise you on when it’s best to ice your shoulder rather than apply heat or recommend over-the-counter pain medications that may work best for your shoulder and medical history.


Lastly, the cause of your pain may warrant a temporary shoulder immobilizer. The brace prevents you from overusing your shoulder or accidentally reinjuring it. While this won’t strengthen your muscle, it gives it much-needed time to heal.

No-Fault Doctors Can Treat Your Shoulder Pain

Are you considering seeing a trusted chiropractor for shoulder pain in New York? Our No-Fault Doctors team pairs experience with knowledge and compassionate, effective treatment.

Call (888) 970-5065 to schedule an appointment. Our doctors accept most insurance plans, including workers’ compensation, no-fault, and PIP (personal injury protection). Same-day appointments may be available. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Shoulder Pain

No-Fault Doctors frequently hears the following questions with regard to shoulder pain and what chiropractic treatment can do to relieve it:

Can a Chiropractor Fix a Rotator Cuff?

Yes, chiropractors could fix a torn rotator cuff in your shoulder. One meta-analysis concluded that physical therapy successfully treated up to 80% of patients with a torn rotator cuff, so chiropractic care is worth exploring.

How Can I Tell If Shoulder Pain Is Serious?

You can tell shoulder pain is serious if you also have a fever. If the pain lasts for more than two to four weeks or you notice a red or blue discoloration of the skin, don’t delay in scheduling medical assistance.

What Can Cause Shoulder Pain Without Injury?

Conditions that can cause shoulder pain without injury include the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Bone spurs
  • Bursitis

Seeking out a chiropractor for shoulder pain is a great start.