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Car Accident Doctors Queens, NY

Four Reasons to See a Car Accident Doctor in Queens, NY

Car Accident Doctor in Queens NY

Being involved in a car accident in Queens, NY is a traumatic event, regardless of whether you caused the incident or not. New York City, especially the densely populated Queens borough, experiences its fair share of automobile collisions each year. Queens is one of the most populated areas in New York, with approximately 2.5 million residents.

New York residents injured in automobile incidents must receive treatment from a car accident doctor who accepts no-fault insurance. It can be difficult to find a qualified primary care doctor who understands the intricacies of no-fault insurance. Here is everything you need to know about visiting a no-fault doctor in Queens, NY. 

What Is a Car Accident Doctor?

No-fault doctors are personal injury physicians qualified to diagnose and provide medical care for auto accident injuries. These medical professionals directly bill the insurance company and do not require up-front payments from the patient. No-fault medical teams know how to deal with New York car crash claims and understand the documentation that must accompany the claim. When you use an auto accident doctor, you don’t have to handle the claims process so you can focus on recovering. 

What Are the Benefits of Visiting a No-Fault Doctor?

Many car accident victims want to visit their primary care physician to diagnose and treat their injuries. However, many family doctors do not want to deal with the complexity of treating auto accident victims or communicating with insurance companies. Thus, you need to choose a doctor qualified to deal with these injuries. Here are some of the benefits of visiting a car accident doctor

Car Accident Doctor in Queens NY

#1- Proper Recording Keeping 

Sending in incomplete or wrong medical documentation is one of the top reasons for claim denial. No-fault doctors understand the claims process and know which documents to submit. Your medical team will provide thorough evidence of your injuries, including diagnostic tests, follow-up appointments, surgeries, and medication therapy. Further, no-fault doctors understand the importance of maintaining complete records. Insurance companies often request copies of previously submitted documents, and not having the record could be grounds for denial. 

#2-Easy Documentation Process

If you live in an at-fault state, it is your responsibility to work with the insurance company. Luckily, New York residents do not need to deal with this headache. Your doctor handles no-fault claims and submits all paperwork on your behalf. You don’t have to worry about filling out a form wrong or sending in incorrect documents.  You can focus on recovering while your doctor communicates with your insurance company. 

#3-Streamlined Referral Process 

Many car accident injuries require specialist visits to treat. If you need to see another physician for testing or a surgical procedure, your no-fault doctor will refer you to an appropriate specialist if necessary. Further, your doctor will know the covered referral treatments and will plan your treatment plan accordingly. 

Car Accident and Personal Injury Claim Form New York

#4- Fast Claims Processing

Waiting for your insurance company to reimburse you for your medical expenses is a significant disadvantage of traditional insurance. A major benefit of no-fault insurance is the quick processing of medical claims. You do not need to pay for any treatments out-of-pocket. Insurance pays your doctor directly for the necessary medical expenses. 

Visiting a car accident doctor has many benefits, including a streamlined claims process and no up-front payments. 

What Injuries Do Car Accident Doctors Treat?

While no two auto accidents are exactly alike, some injuries happen more often in New York than others. Most no-fault doctors treat the following car accident injuries: 

MRI for Car Accident Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

A traumatic brain injury typically occurs during a car accident when an item hits the head or body. An object that travels through brain tissue, such as shattered glass, can also cause traumatic brain injury. Mild brain injuries may impact your brain cells on a short-term basis. More severe injuries can result in bleeding and other physical damage to the brain. These are among the most severe car accident injuries and must receive treatment immediately. Waiting too long to see a car accident doctor can result in permanent damage. 

Back Injuries

The human back comprises a complex system of nerves, ligaments, bones, joints, and muscles. The back is crucial to movement and mobility as it is the location of the spinal cord, one of the most delicate structures in the body. Back and spinal injuries resulting from car accidents are common and can result in severe pain, weakness, and even disability. These injuries are common in high-impact collisions because of the immense amount of force placed on the body. Back injuries should receive treatment immediately following an accident, or long-term pain or disability may result. 


Whiplash is a neck and back injury resulting from a forceful, sudden jolt of the neck muscles. This type of injury is common in rear-end collisions. However, whiplash can also occur in high-impact, front-end collisions. Whiplash can cause neck pain, limited mobility, headaches, tenderness, fatigue, and dizziness. Following a treatment plan that includes physical therapy and medication treats many mild neck injuries within a few weeks. 

Auto Accident Doctor in Queens NY

Broken Bones 

Broken bones are among the most common car accident injuries. While some breaks are relatively easy to treat, some injuries are more complex. Treatments include resetting the bone and setting it in a cast or sprint. Surgery or more extensive medical interventions are sometimes required for more complex breaks. 

Most doctors treat these common car accident injuries. However, it is essential to find an injury doctor experienced in your type of injury. Doing some research before making an appointment can help ensure you get the proper treatment.  

Visit Auto Accident Doctors in Queens, NY

Are you looking for a car accident doctor in Queens? connects accident victims with no-fault doctors.  Take a look at our free online directory of New York doctors who accept no-fault insurance. Don’t visit your family doctor after a car accident. Visit a medical professional trained to treat your injuries. Contact us right now to find an experienced doctor qualified to treat car accident injuries.  


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