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Common Types of Injuries a Car Accident Doctor Can Treat

Common Types of Injuries a Car Accident Doctor Can Treat

After getting into a car accident, victims deserve to receive prompt medical treatment. Even a minor fender bender may leave a person with broken bones, soft tissue injuries, neck injuries, spinal injuries, or worse. Understanding that hurt and recommended treatment options puts patients on the road to recovery. No-Fault Doctors wants to break down the […]

How Long Do You Have To Go To A Doctor After A Car Accident

Car Accident Injuries in New York

A car accident can be a devastating and traumatic ordeal. Aside from potential physical injuries, psychological trauma from an accident can be long-lasting and stressful — and in some cases, the process of recovery can be arduous. This can sometimes be compounded by the difficulty of finding experienced and affordable doctors and, particularly, no-fault insurance […]

What is a No-Fault Doctor and Why Do I Need To See One After an Accident?

No-Fault Doctors in New York and New Jersey for Auto Accident Injuries

In New York and New Jersey, you are required to seek treatment from a no-fault medical provider if you are seeking services classified as a no-fault car accident. Both New Jersey and New York are no-fault states, meaning drivers must carry personal injury protection insurance. This type of coverage pays for all medical costs after […]