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How Long Do You Have To Go To A Doctor After A Car Accident

Car Accident Injuries in New York

A car accident can be a devastating and traumatic ordeal. Aside from potential physical injuries, psychological trauma from an accident can be long-lasting and stressful — and in some cases, the process of recovery can be arduous. This can sometimes be compounded by the difficulty of finding experienced and affordable doctors and, particularly, no-fault insurance doctors capable of treating your injury.

Ultimately, the duration of car crash injury treatment will vary depending upon the specifics and the severity of your given accident. Read on to learn more about common automobile accident injuries and types of treatments and to glean suggestions for finding the most reliable injury doctor in New York and the surrounding area for you.

Common Automobile Accident Injuries

Injuries in a car crash can range from mild to life-threatening, but all require attention and treatment from an auto accident doctor. Here is a list of some common injuries that can result from an accident.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

One of the most potentially severe injuries to result from a car wreck is a traumatic brain injury. While some concussions can be relatively mild and heal with appropriate rest, the possibility of more severe and even life-threatening brain injury does exist.

Back and Spine Injuries

Similarly, spinal injuries are common after motor vehicle accidents and range from mild to severe. These can sometimes be muscular or may involve damage to spinal vertebrae or even a slipped or herniated disc. The severity of a given injury may not be entirely clear after an accident, necessitating evaluation by an experienced doctor.


Burns can sometimes result from fires caused by accidents, or the dislodging of hot metal, fluids, or other car components. The severity of an auto accident burn can also vary considerably.


Whiplash results from a sudden and unexpected movement of the head and neck, generally produced by an impact. It can result in severe neck pain and strain. Whiplash can result even when vehicles are traveling at relatively low speeds, making it one of the most common car accident injuries.

Broken Bones

Fractures are also common injuries after motor vehicle accidents, particularly to the wrist, pelvis, shoulder, ankle, and ribs, among other body parts. Some breaks are apparent in the immediate aftermath of an accident. Still, others may be more minor and require an X-ray or MRI for diagnosis, again necessitating evaluation after an accident. It’s crucial to find an experienced orthopedic doctor who accepts no-fault insurance to treat these potentially life-threatening injuries.

Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are a common type of post-accident injury and may exist in conjunction with other injuries. These typically involve strains and sprains, bruising, and similar injuries. Severity — and corresponding treatment — can vary accordingly widely.

While this is a list of common automobile accident injuries, it is not comprehensive. Depending on a given incident’s severity and specific details, injuries and necessary treatment can vary widely. It is also important to note that many injuries after an automobile accident can be psychological, including post-traumatic stress disorder.

Treatment For Auto Accident Injuries

Car accident injury treatment can vary considerably, depending on the scope and severity of an individual’s injuries. In some cases, treatment can be mild and relatively brief — while in other cases, a medicine may need to last several months or even years and require various types of medical intervention and therapies.

Here are some common types of treatment for automobile injuries.


While relatively simple, sufficient rest is essential for recovering from many types of automobile injuries. This is particularly true for relatively mild brain injuries, which require extended periods of rest for recovery. Other types of damages — for instance, many mild soft tissue injuries — can also heal extensively during periods of rest.

Chiropractic Care

Working with a chiropractor can be very helpful for alignment issues — particularly to the neck, back, and shoulders — that result from a car accident. Some problems may only require one or two visits to a chiropractor, while others require ongoing care.

Physical Therapy

Other forms of physical therapy may also be essential for full recovery after an accident. This may include electrical muscle stimulation, therapeutic exercises, and if needed, steroid injections.


For severe injuries, surgery may be required. Among other damages, painful neck, back, and knee injuries may often require surgery and hospitalization.

Alternative Therapies

In some cases, non-traditional medical care, like acupuncture, can help deal with chronic pain and other aspects of the aftermath of a severe car accident. For instance, acupuncture can often help deal with issues of pain and alignment, as can massage.

Why It Is Necessary to Visit a Doctor

The extent of an injury after an automobile accident can often be unclear at first glance. While evident and significant injuries may present themselves immediately, other injuries — like a slipped disc, certain types of tissue damage, and even some traumatic brain injuries — may not be immediately apparent.

For this reason, especially, visiting a car accident doctor after involvement in an accident is highly necessary. Early evaluation and diagnosis after an injury will make the auto accident injury treatment process more reliable, comprehensive, and likely successful — and will potentially shorten the necessary treatment duration.

Finding an Auto Accident Doctor

Some individuals may resist seeking treatment after a car accident due to lack of insurance or limited insurance and corresponding fears of extensive costs. However, several physicians or clinics in the New York area can effectively support treatment and recovery. Doctors in our free directory accept no-fault, PIP (Personal Injury Protection), workers’ compensation insurance and submit medical bills and records directly to the insurance companies.

If you or a loved one is seeking an auto injury specialist in the New York area, contact No-Fault Doctors today. You can easily use our extensive and free directory of doctors who specialize in car accident injury treatment in the New York and New Jersey areas to find a provider who can assist you comprehensively and affordably. 

Your health is too important to ignore, and waiting is never a safe option. Contact No-Fault Doctors today or call us at (888) 970-5065 to schedule an appointment and quickly get the help you need.