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Auto Injury Doctor in Putnam County, NY

Need an Auto Injury Doctor in Putnam County, NY?

After a harmful car accident, you likely want to let a doctor examine you and treat your injuries as quickly as possible. While you may want to book an appointment with your primary care physician to receive auto accident injury treatment, she or he may not treat car accident victims. In New York, you must see a no-fault doctor after an auto accident. To ensure you get the treatment you deserve, understand what a car accident doctor does. 

No-Fault States

Car Accident Doctor and Patient in New York City

As a Putnam County, New York motorist, you must have personal injury protection insurance to meet no-fault insurance requirements for car accidents. While you may like not depending on the other driver’s insurance to receive medical treatment after an accident, you must still ensure you get treatment from the proper health care provider.

Just as you would go to a cardiologist for heart problems, it makes sense to see an auto accident physician to treat car wreck injuries. Your regular doctor may not see many patients after a car accident, so she or he may not know what injuries and symptoms to look for. That lack of knowledge may compromise your treatment and recovery. Rather than take unnecessary risks, let a no-fault physician examine you and help you get back to your daily routine.

No-Fault Doctors

No-Fault Car Accident Doctors in New York

When you schedule an appointment with one of our no-fault car accident doctors, you see a doctor familiar with common car accident injuries.

Such injuries include:

No matter your injury or the treatment you need, no-fault physicians bill your insurance provider directly. One great thing about this billing process is you don’t worry about completing more paperwork than necessary. Instead, you focus on following your doctor’s orders and making a full recovery.

Another reason to seek treatment from a doctor who specializes in car accident injuries is experience. Your primary care doctor knows how to work with your health insurance provider, not your car insurance provider. He or she may not have the time or resources to learn how to navigate a new insurance system. Rather than risk delaying essential treatment or encountering unnecessary complications, get treated by a doctor experienced in working with auto insurance companies.

You have plenty of reasons to get auto accident injury treatment from a car wreck doctor. For instance, you need not worry about upfront payments, you enjoy thoroughly documented treatment and you have access to an efficient documentation process.

No Upfront Payments

Car Accident Back Pain

Imagine never worrying about upfront payments when you visit the doctor. Rather than reimbursing you after handling your claim, your insurance company pays the auto injury doctor upfront. Your physician need not worry about outstanding payments, and you need not worry about spending money that you may not have to cover unexpected auto accident medical bills. 

Thoroughly Document Medical Treatment

Before your car insurance company agrees to accept your claim, you must submit thorough evidence of the harm you suffered in the accident. Physicians in our free directory know the documents and evidence your insurance company needs to accept your claim. Even better, they know what documents to submit at every step of your treatment, including your initial medical exam, surgical procedures, follow-up appointments, and physical therapy. If you have a legal case to explore after your accident, legal representatives need that level of detail and documentation to build a case.

Efficient Documentation Process

Usually, the patient submits documents for personal injury claims. With a no-injury claim, that responsibility falls to the physician and medical team treating the injured party. That means that rather than agonizing over every detail for your claim, you leave that to the professionals who have the experience, education, and resources to note and submit those details for you.

Auto Accident Injury Treatment Specialists

Car Accident Orthopedic Doctor

Because of the many injuries that may result from a car accident, it’s a good idea to get treated at a medical facility that offers various medical concentrations. At, our free directory lists multiple healthcare providers to better ensure all our patients receive all the care and support they need to make a full recovery.

Examples of our concentrations include:

These providers aim to ensure our patients only have to visit a single facility to make a full recovery. After a car accident, no matter how major or minor, you deserve efficient treatment with a minimum of muss and fuss.

Because not all car accident injuries present themselves physically, we also employ mental health professionals to help you recover mentally and emotionally. Let us know if you experience anxiety, depression or stress connected to your car accident. You could have post-traumatic stress disorder and not realize it. Common symptoms of the disorder include lingering feelings of unease, feeling anxious when you think about getting in a car or behind the wheel, irritability, uncontrollable memories of the accident, and difficulty sleeping. 

No-Fault Insurance Limitations

To help you know what moves to make after an accident, we like to share no-fault physician and no-fault insurance limitations. For instance, personal injury protection does not cover harm sustained while riding farm equipment, mopeds, off-road or recreational vehicles, or motorcycles. 

If you endured intentional harm or sustained injuries while street racing or committing a crime, your harm does not qualify for no-fault insurance. Your insurance company must consider your injuries as reasonable, essential, and connected to the accident. Injuries must also appear within three years of the car collision.

The Initial Visit

Car Accident Injury Treatment in New York

For your initial auto accident injury treatment visit, prepare to show your claim number and identification. Do not worry about bringing money, as you pay nothing out of pocket. Instead, consider bringing images of the injuries you suffered immediately after your accident to show your injury doctor. After you finish your treatment, you advance to the settlement phase.

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