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Orange County, NY Auto Injury Doctors

Why You May Need an Orange County, NY Auto Injury Doctor

Car Accident Injury Doctor in Dutchess County NY

A car accident may leave you shaken for several reasons. Not only may you need to worry about getting around Orange County without a working vehicle, but you may also have several known and unknown injuries to treat. No-Fault Doctors focus on injury treatment for car accidents. Even better, doctors in our directory offer several medical concentrations designed to target individual car accident injuries.

Let us set you up with an experienced and dedicated car accident doctor to help you get back on your feet and back to your routine.

Reasons To See an Auto Injury Physician

Auto Accident Injury Doctor in Orange County NY

If you have a primary care doctor, you may wonder why you should see a no-fault doctor. While your primary care physician may have the training and experience to handle yearly checkups and common medical conditions, she or he may not have the background to treat car wreck injuries.

Examples of common car accident injuries include:

  • Contusions
  • Head injuries
  • Shoulder, back, and neck injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Internal damage
  • Soft-tissue injuries

If you experienced any of these injuries before, your primary care doctor may have referred you to a specific medical care professional, such as an endocrinologist. That means you may already know your doctor cannot treat car accident injuries. Rather than waste time asking your physician for a referral, save time by seeing an auto injury physician.

Breaking Down No-Fault Insurance

Orange County NY Auto Accident

New York drivers must have personal injury protection to meet the state’s no-fault insurance requirements. If you’ve never been in a car accident in the state, you may not understand what that means when you suffer an auto accident injury.

No-fault insurance takes care of medical bills, lost wages, and bodily injury resulting from a car accident. Rather than determining which driver bears fault for the accident and using that person’s insurance, you instead receive treatment through your own insurance policy, no matter which party caused the collision. No-fault coverage handles most medical expenses related to the accident. This includes rehabilitation treatment and follow-up doctor’s visits.

If your injuries leave you unable to work, no-fault coverage makes up for some lost wages. After all, bill collectors don’t care that you were in an accident and can’t work, they still want your payments on time.

What if the police report and other evidence show you are at fault for the accident? If so, no-fault insurance accounts for bodily injury. That means your policy takes care of the harm other parties sustained in the accident.

One goal of the no-fault system is to avoid small claims court cases, which helps to reduce insurance costs. The system also helps car accident victims avoid out-of-pocket costs. Also, accident victims receive quick compensation for auto accident injury treatment.

No-Fault Insurance Limitations

Orange County NY Auto Accident Injury and No-Fault Coverage

While no-fault insurance handles much of the fallout caused by a no-fault car accident, it has limits. For instance, you cannot rely on an auto injury doctor or your no-fault policy to cover property damage resulting from the accident. For that, you must have collision coverage as part of your car insurance policy.

If you had an accident on a motorcycle or moped, your injuries do not qualify for no-fault insurance. Other injuries a no-fault doctor cannot treat include those sustained on farming equipment and off-road or recreational vehicles.

While other insurance policies may cover pain and suffering endured because of an accident, that does not apply to no-fault policyholders. If you feel you suffered mental anguish because of your car accident, you may have better luck recovering compensation with help from an experienced car accident attorney.

Benefits of Seeing an Experienced Accident Doctor

No-Fault Doctor in Orange County New York

Other than seeing a physician familiar with the bodily harm a car accident may cause, you enjoy several other advantages when you visit a car wreck doctor. For instance, your insurance company takes care of your upfront medical costs, not you. Another benefit is your no-fault physician knows which medical professionals to refer you to. Your primary care doctor may not know the most knowledgeable or reputable neurologist, spine surgeon or chiropractor to treat your wounds. Imagine how much time you may waste going from facility to facility until you find the right care provider.

Injury physicians also know how to save time documenting your injuries and sharing them with your insurance company. Rather than poring over the intricate medical details yourself while filing a claim, you leave the heavy lifting to the professionals. This also means no-fault physicians know which documents your insurance provider needs for your claim. Their experience lets them know what paperwork and evidence to submit for your treatment appointments, first visit and follow-up treatment.

Injury Treatment Concentrations

No-Fault Doctor in Orange County NY

At, doctors listed in our free directory want our patients to meet their medical needs under a single roof. Car accidents result in various injuries to various parts of the body. No matter your injury, we do everything possible to connect you with the right medical professional.

Our medical concentrations include:

During your initial appointment, we’ll conduct a thorough examination. That way, you have a full inventory of your injuries and know which professionals to work with to make a full recovery.

Your First Appointment

Now that you know how no-fault physicians and insurance works, it’s a good idea to know how to prepare for your initial appointment. When you schedule your first appointment, make sure our medical staff knows you hurt yourself in a car accident. It also makes sense to let the staff know you want to schedule an appointment as part of a no-fault insurance claim. That way, the medical facility bills your insurance company instead of you.

When describing your injuries, speak in generalities rather than specifics. Even with no-fault accidents, you still do not know all the details that led to the collision. Let your insurance company and the police worry about how the accident happened. You deserve to concentrate on getting top-notch auto accident injury treatment.

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